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Madeleine Kando Playing with Language

Why do we all speak differently, with different voices, dialects and languages? Does the way we speak determine how others see us? Playing with Language describes how language shapes our identity, how we use language to get what we want and how it can be used for evil as well as noble purposes. Madeleine Kando’s fascination with language has culminated in this charming collection of witty short stories, including some language stories for children. Playing with Language will stimulate your curiosity about that which most clearly defines us as ‘human’.

Playing with Language is available on Amazon, Madeleine Kando Publications.

In this very witty and informative collection of short stories Madeleine Kando broaches various aspects of language to show how it can be used to cajole, manipulate, disarm and distort reality.” – Hans van der Lee

our history Madeleine Kando

Set against the backdrop of World War One, this book is a stunning description of war time through the eyes of a young mother and a wife whose husband, an officer in the Hungarian army, refuses to kill and leads his soldiers into battle holding a baton instead of a gun. He is captured by the Russians and spends 6 years in Siberia. Margit sends him letters, meticulously describing how their young daughter ‘Ata’, whom he has never seen, is learning how to speak the Hungarian language and how she, a staunch pacifist, reacts to the horrors of the War of all Wars.

In ‘Letters from the House of the Yellow Star’ she writes to her then 3-year old grandson ‘Tamas’, that although she might not survive, he will carry on life for her. Our Story is History is available on Amazon, Madeleine Kando Publications.

a masterful blend of the historical and the personal, a cry from the heart against violence and war as well as an amazing glimpse into the mind of Margit Beke Gorog, a woman who was far ahead of her time in her views on child development and women’s issues.

juliette and Madeleine Kando The Kando Technique

Developed by the twins Madeleine and Juliette Kando, the Kando Technique draws on different types of body work including Alexander and Feldenkrais. Its main premise is that incorrect movement habits are the chief cause of many physical problems.

Aches and pains, fatigue and lethargy, depression etc. can often be overcome by learning to move, breathe and think in ways modern society has caused us to forget. Use of space, light, color and music all play a part in the Kando technique.

The Kando Technique can be purchased from Amazon.

I can now easily reach my toes, squat down to reach low places or play with my grand children and I feel much more active and happy. I just wish I had come across The Kando Technique at a younger age, then I probably would not have suffered all the aches and pains I used to have before I studied this remarkable technique. Strongly recommended! It keeps you fit without having to work for it.

You will find many adventures in Paris, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Rome, Jerusalem, the desert and the dead sea. Siblings Tom and Madeleine Kando’s adventures abroad will make you laugh, sometimes shock, but mostly entertain you.

After reading these Amazing Travel Stories I got itchy feet. I managed to persuade my husband to take me to Europe where we visited some of the places mentioned in the book.


Gabriela Loschi

Living in Limbo is a collection of humorous and satirical stories.

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus can afford to pay all the little elves that work for him? Wonder no more. Kando exposes Santa for what he really is: a ruthless capitalist who takes advantage of the absence of child labor laws on the North Pole.

In her short story ‘the Incredible Shrinking Woman’ Kando explores the inevitable shrinking of most of our faculties as we grow older. We lose height and muscle mass, brain cells and lung capacity. Could the shrinking factor be nature’s way to prepare us for the ultimate disappearance act of death?

Living in Limbo can be read at here.

Madeleine Kando Adventures in History

Adventures in History is a collection of short stories based on historical figures and events.

From stories about Eugenics, a movement that encouraged forced sterilization of ‘undesirable’ members of society in the 19th century, to stories about  the decimation of the Jewish population in Amsterdam, this book is a collection of short essays that will stimulate your curiosity.

It includes a book review of the brilliant work by Steven Pinker ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’.

Adventures in History is on Dropbox

M and T Kando Dance with Me

Come Dance with Me is  a Primer for Pre-Ballet teachers full of ideas on how to teach Creative Ballet to very young children. It contains:

  • how to set up the structure of a pre-ballet class
  • detailed descriptions of exercises
  • how to use imagery to engage very young minds
  • which props to help the learning process
  • sample classes
  • how to design a ‘studio’ performance to delight parents and friends

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These funny but true Animal Stories are a delightful read for adults and children alike. Some of the titles are listed below.

and many other stories, are contained in this humorous and informative collection.

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